EDIT: Amusingly, WordPress informs me that this is my 25th post.

Today is one of those days, isn’t it? A lot of people remembering an important event. But barring my interest in false memories for such events, and the irritation with how it’s affected civil liberties, I actually don’t think about it that much. There are actually more important events that have happened on or around the same day for me.

One year ago today I arrived at Heathrow early in the morning, with two bags in tow packed full of clothes and books and with no idea of what I was getting myself into. Two years and a bit ago was the first post on this blog, where I wrote down what I thought I was going to do. Things have somewhat changed since both of those days, though surprisingly not that much.

For instance, right now I’m sitting in the front room of a friend’s house, surrounded by bags of my stuff. I’m biding my time until I can move into my new place in Rickmansworth. That’s technically no longer in Greater London, but that’s no problem, as living in Blighty has hardly been calm and uneventful – enough has happened that I don’t want to be in the middle of it anymore. So one year on, I figure I should take stock of what’s happened since my arrival:

* two very different riots spread around London as people showed dissatisfaction with the way things are under a government that just started a month before I arrived – and I watched another riot in Vancouver after we lost a hockey game
* I got my own office at the university, and then lost it when I was moved into a communal lab full of other people’s old papers
* a Canadian election gave the PM the power he’s been waiting for and changed the opposition party only for its leader to die of cancer – and I was back home to vote in this election
* I learned how to make a chocolate souffle completely from scratch without any electric tools, and have essentially perfected it
* the Arab Spring is sweeping throughout the middle east, spawning massive change in politics, economies, and society
* I wrote and submitted a masters thesis during the week I was in Marseille to give my first academic conference talk about completely unrelated research
* Duke Nukem Forever came out, shattering jokes about vaporware – and cheap indie games with retro graphics sold better and were more fun
* I met an astonishing amount of new people, all of whom I am grateful to for making this a cool place to be
* Osama bin Laden was found and killed, and a tsunami caused a nuclear meltdown in Japan
* my phone was stolen from my hand as I was using it, and during police questioning all I could think of was how bad eyewitness testimony is
*  I moved into Derwent Point, lived there while all of this happened, and moved out a week ago.

An astonishing amount of things can happen in a year. The upcoming year will no doubt be just as crazy – I’m starting my PhD and no doubt will need breaks from that particular insanity, so I promise that this blog will have posts on it that interest and inform. Stick around, won’t you?


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