Sleights of Mind Review

Just before the holidays I was contacted by the online neuroscience magazine Cerebrum to review Sleights of Mind. It’s a new book out by two neuroscientists and a New York Times science correspondent, wherein they discuss the possible  connections between cognitive psychology and magic. It was bizarre reading something where I kind of knew everything that was coming up, no doubt thanks to years of being a nerd magician and obsessive reading about cogsci. Who knew that I knew that much stuff?

Anyways, go have a look at the review. Here’s a brief excerpt:

They go on to the material that I find the most interesting: cognitive illusions. The charming pickpocket Apollo Robbins cleans out a mark’s pockets; the madman magician Juan Tamariz holds a coin in the palm of his hand right in front of you and it may as well be invisible. It’s the ability to manipulate and hold attention that really makes sleight-of-hand magic possible (or should I say impossible?).

Anyone else read the book?


One response to “Sleights of Mind Review

  1. This book is currently sitting on my desk adorned with lots of stick tabs. It’s one I refer people to whenever they ask “What’s the point in that?” about my research 🙂 Also, a good reminder of why magic is just so cool!

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