Moved In

I have successfully moved into Derwent Point, and am currently populating the fairly-spacious-for-a-studio flat with stuff from Ikea. More interestingly, I’ve been going to all sorts of local meetups and explaining to people what exactly I do and why I’m in London.

Explaining social cognitive psychology or logic, judgment, & decision-making research to people who aren’t in academia is difficult, but FUN. Mostly I just mention behavioural economics and people nod and go “ah yes”, but with one or two people there’s a deeper interest and I get so far as to mention the word “study” or “experiment” before the conversation turns elsewhere.

In any case, I’ve been presenting myself as a science promoter, so I’d better do some of that instead of just telling you what I’ve been doing since I moved to London. So: this friday the 24th, the Natural History Museum is doing a nifty After Hours event called Science Uncovered. From 4 to 10 pm, there’ll be drinks and tours and special stations where you can talk to working scientists and see what they’re working on! I’ll be there – you should be too.


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