Nothing But Errands

I’ve settled into my lodgings in Camden Town for now, taking advantage of the fridge and kettle and to make food like instant porridge and sandwiches. I’m on the “has no money” diet.  Cheaping out on the accomodation has had its “rewards” as well – I only get the wifi with my laptop pressed against the door, and forget about getting it on my phone.  Also, when walking home last night, the alley smelled like pee and the shop next door had had its window smashed in.  Is this normal?!? To top it off, the room next door or above has a toilet or something which is flushing -constantly-, plus the wall clock is LOUD TICK TICK TICK TICK so I am basically running on no sleep and I’m going MAD.

I can’t wait to move into the  residence UCL referred me to in Islington. Brand new buildings, at Derwent Point. Til then, however, I basically have nothing to do but random things like paying deposits and getting numbers. Other than that, I have complete freedom to see and do whatever I like! Which helps with the whole going mad thing.

Now then, does anyone know where I could find a cheap used copy of the pocket A-Z? And, if you’re coming to the London Blog Meetup tonight at the Talk Talk in Soho, do say hello!


One response to “Nothing But Errands

  1. Hey Rob, welcome to London. I hope your first attendance of the LOB made you feel more welcome. I moved to London three years ago and I know it can be a daunting experience. Do not be shy to make new friends early, people in London are very open minded and good at networking. Make sure you connect to as many of your old habits as well, find a favourite cafe, fantasy store (I recommend Forbidden Planet), cinema etc.
    Islington is a nice area and as vibrant Camden can be, I think it is not the most comfy place to live (that is, if you are short on money). I reckon you already know about it, but Timeout magazine gives you grand overview over what is going on in London.

    See you soon,

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