So I’ve moved to London.

I know, what the crap, right?  I suppose technically I haven’t quite moved in yet, but, well, let me back up.

After working at the wonderful BARLab for just about 2 years, I’ve gone off to grad school in UCL. This, of course, involved moving from my home in Canada to an entirely different country, one where I basically don’t know anyone or where anything is other than tourist attractions.

I spent a month packing things into boxes and bags, and took the 9 hour flight just yesterday. I can’t quite move into the residence UCL provides, not til the 19th, so I’m in a serviced apartment in Camden til then. Well, except for a problem on the first night, being that the booking agency declined to tell the Camden apartments that they’d booked me, and so I spent the first night in some place called Charlie’s Bed & Breakfast, but I digress.

The point is I’m here now.  And so the fact that the “Vancouver” is now gone from the title of this blog is the least of the changes I’m going to go through over the next little while.  The upshot for you, dear reader (and I know there’s only the one of you), is that I have nothing to do and plenty to blog about!  So leave some living-in-London suggestions in the comments, and I’ll see you around.


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