The Return of the LYING BRAAAAIN

Hello again! Today I gave an updated version of the lying brain talk to a receptive audience at the Rio Theatre for the first nights of the New Bright Lights lecture series.  The first speaker was Lon Mandrake, a magician/science educator. The second was Rob Hadley, a hypnotist/hypnotherapist (who also riled a couple of skeptics in the audience with his defense of homeopathy). And then there was me, a psychologist/geek who was super-excited to be there!  I know the talks were all being recorded, so I’ll update this post once the videos are up online.  For now, I’ll put up links to all the sources I had in my talk:

Slides: it’s a .odf, hosted on Google Docs. you’ll need open office or a plugin to view it.

Opening: again .odf on Google Docs. I changed what I said during the talk, but the basics are all there. This is part on which I spent the most time and is the most personal, so please credit me if you use it.

Sources & Citations:

I tried to link to publicly available full text articles when possible, and good summaries of them when not.  If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment!  Thanks again to everyone who came. Now I’m going to collapse into a heap and sleep til Monday.


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