Now You See It…

This weekend I’m heading off with the rest of the BARLab to Bellingham for the NOWCAM (NOrthWest Cognition And Memory) conference.  I’ll be presenting a poster summarizing some of the research I’ve been doing.  Here it is:

now you don't!
NOWCAM Poster (click for a bigger, readable version)

You may be aware that I am a magic nerd.  I can’t help but work that into my research.  Basically, magicians do one thing really well: manipulate attention.  It stands to reason that cognitive scientists might learn a thing or two if they study magic.  (I’m not the first person to have this idea)

In this particular research, we’re looking at the effects of asking a question, as well as differences between live and pre-recorded performances of a trick.

Actually, choosing the trick proved rather, well, tricky.  I needed to use something that was simple, short, and crucially: would work as well on video as it would live.  For those interested, we went with the hoary old Princess Card Trick, which some of you may remember from the early days of the internet.

But I digress.  Have a look at the poster, leave any comments you might have – and wish me luck!


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