[UPDATED] Lecture: The Lying Brain

I’m giving a lecture to the public on Thursday!  It’s sponsored by CFI Vancouver, thanks to Radio Freethinker co-host Ethan being the director of CFI Vancouver and all.  Anyways, I’m going to talk about cognitive psychology: specifically, some research that suggests that our own senses and thoughts aren’t always reliable.  Come have a look!

Here’s the info (UPDATE: I’ve added the room number):


Thursday, April 22nd 2010 at 7:30 pm

Location SFU Harbour Centre (Room 1425)

CFI is proud to present a talk by Radio Freethinker co-host Rob Teszka. Rob is a cognitive psychologist, science promoter, co-host of Radio Freethinker, and self-professed geek.  Currently working at the Brain and Attention Research Lab at UBC, Rob is interested in how people’s perceptions, beliefs, and decisions can be influenced by their environment and unconscious biases.  He worries that people tend not to be aware of these influences, and that our society is based on the incorrect assumption that we cannot fool ourselves.  Through radio, social media, blogging, and research, he hopes to show that most everything is not always as it seems.

How the Brain Lies: We live under the assumption that we are aware of everything around us and that the way we think is reasonable.  However, research in cognitive and social psychology reveals that our eyes lie, our brains make up stories, and our decisions are far more influenced by the environment than we’d care to admit.  This talk (and the lively discussion following) will show the results of some surprising studies into the nature of the mind, and our awareness of its capabilities.

Cost: $5 ($4 for students) Free for Members.

EDIT: There’s now a Facebook event.  See you there!


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