Crowdsourcing Data

How would you like to help get some data for SCIENCE?

Right now the lab is interested in studying how people behave during lectures, so we need video of lectures!  Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can find before I run out of ideas.  That’s where YOU come in to help!

Basically, the lecture videos need to meet these criteria:

– at least one audience member is visible (from the shoulders up, but torso and full body are preferred)
– they are visible continuously for at least 45 minutes (a full hour or more is  preferred)


– multiple visible audience members (we can reuse the video!)
– interesting lecture topic (so the coders don’t get bored!)

Here are some examples:

Dr. Harriet Hall lecturing on Darwin
Douglas Blackmon MLK Jr Day Memorial Lecture

So go forth and help us find some videos!  They can be on youtube, vimeo, TED – whatever, so long as we can see what the audience is doing.

Leave a link in the comments, dm me on twitter, or email!

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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