Vancouver Skepticamp Schedule

Radio Freethinker is giving a talk at Vancouver Skepticamp on March 20th – that’s THIS SATURDAY!  Come on out and be the candle in the dark!

Because I wasn’t able to find it on their website, here’s the rough schedule of speakers and talks (taken straight from the email they sent to speakers).

“This will be flexible, and may change somewhat. But it will give you an idea of what time you will be up.”

10:00 AM


Fred Bremmer A demonstration of Charpentier’s Illusion

Ian Bushfield 13.7 billion years in 90 seconds (or The Evidence of the Big Bang)

11:00 AM

Dr. Steve Wiseman No Pleasure Cruise: The Troubled Relationship between Psychiatry and the Church of Scientology

Brian Lynchehaun Edge Contrast and You

12:00 PM

Ginger Switzer Secrets of the Language Code

Greg Bole Defending Darwin

Lars Martin Introduction to the Theory of Relativity

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Shannon Rupp Rational Journalism

Matthew Linsdell Personal Training and Woo

3:00 PM

Radio Freethinker Radio Freethinker

Jaymie Matthews Who Needs Paranormal?

4:00 PM

James Bernath Private programs for “going into space”.

Jacob Vohs Myths about Child Abuse

5:00 PM

Gerry Armstrong Scientology

Yves van Gennip The Role of Mathematics in Science and Skepticism

Fred Bremmer Charpentier’s Illusion


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