Down With “Down With Darwin Day” Day!

A friend of mine who’s a student at UFV sent in this picture:

It’s a bit blurry, but you can make out the important bits. Basically, the University of the Fraser Valley is hosting an all-day event at which you can apparently read “dozens of free articles demonstrating weaknesses in evolution theory”. Many of them are even from standard scientific journals! Oh boy!

This lack of reliable sources is advertised proudly, when really it’s a massive clue that they’ve got nothing to support their anti-evolutionary worldview. I doubt any of the articles are from respected, peer-reviewed biology journals. Considering that it’s sponsored by the “Creation Science Association of BC”, there’s likely no science there at all – just religious dogma. Look, they’re bringing “flood-formed fossils”!

I Googled the host, Richard Peachy. Here’s the only bio I could find:

Richard Peachey is a public school science teacher with a background in biology and chemistry. He finds himself in agreement with T. H. Huxley and E. O. Wilson, both of whom dismissed the logical possibility of believing evolution and the Bible at the same time. Formerly a friend of the prevailing evolutionary worldview, he now takes his stand with the Bible, and with Jesus Christ, who taught concerning humankind, “At the beginning the Creator made them male and female.”

That’s from the Science Creative Quarterly out of UBC SFU: where Peachey’s last (and only) contribution was in the first issue in 2005. The article tries to debunk evolution by examining that old story about giraffes evolving long necks because it allowed them to reach high branches. Peachey himself notes that this theory isn’t really put forth by anyone, citing Stephen Jay Gould and even Darwin, but he goes on anyway. Unfortunately, the rest of the article is just long quotes from “Of Pandas And People” and a paper from the journal “Creation”.

That’s right, the bulk of his writing is word-for-word taken from a textbook about “intelligent design” (that was proved at a trial in Dover, Pennsylvania to be an attempt to smuggle religion into science class !), and from a journal that is explicitly about creationism!

If those are the kinds of articles availaible at Down With Darwin Day, it’s pretty clear that the only reason they’re against evolution is because they’re creationists – not because the theory has “weaknesses” that have been determined by actual scientists. This guy teaches biology in public school! Some first science grad, UFV! Note the asterisk at the bottom of the poster. It’s blurry, but it reads “the views presented at this event are those of the displayer and are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the University of the Fraser Valley”. Did UFV force them to add that? Maybe they don’t agree that Peachey graduated.

Radio Freethinker may show up to see for themselves, but I doubt any intelligent person will be fooled. The Creation Science Association of BC is trying to hoodwink UFV students by pretending they’re being scientific, when actually they’re just dragging out the same old bullshit.


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